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Desk Note L

¥1,320(WITH TAX)

Manufactured by Daigo




Here in modern times, where we often carry out tasks and operations with a computer in front of us, a landscape-design desktop notebook has now emerged with an exquisite size allowing it to be neatly placed on your desk. Offered in two sizes compatible with the standard 13 and 15-inch laptop widths. Desk Note S offers a perforated design, so you can remove unnecessary pages.

The cover and paper inside are “Bagasse paper”. Bagasse is a byproduct in sugar production, and as surplus quantities are processed as waste matter, their use in bagasse paper makes it possible to utilize unused resources and contribute to waste product recycling.
Not only can the use of bagasse as a raw paper material reduce the amount of lumber used, but in addition lesser amounts of energy are used in tree-felling, collection, cargo-collection, and transport generated when lumber is used as a material. This makes bagasse a material that can help contribute to environmental conservation, with trial calculations showing that it can reduce Co2 emissions.

Since this product is manufactured by DAIGO Corporation which has worked with various paper products, mainly diaries and pocketbooks. The company’s strict dedication allowed it to realize sound quality that can be seen in these desktop notebooks.

Excellent usability is also on hand, as both sides of the pages feature a triangle on the right and left, allowing for bookmarking, numbering, and indexing.

This notebook has made improvements and is now lighter, a product ahead of its time.

-3mm grid sheet / 128 Pages

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