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CDT Multifunctional Pen

¥4,620(WITH TAX)

Manufactured by ZEBRA



With smooth rotation without being too light, this Multi-Functional pen features an improved grip offering superb control that makes it a pleasure to use. The strong main casing combines quality and practicality with an attached spring-loaded clip for easy clipping to thick notebooks.Our unique ink formula is an innovative composite of oil- and water-based materials stabilized with emulsifiers for a long-lasting ink. This formula produces the depth of oil-based ink handwriting with the light pen strokes of gel inks for a remarkably smooth output. The fine Sanada-Himo motif on the pen’s casing creates a light impression to balance the pen’s luxuriously rich feel, and its high-performance, high-efficiency construction. This pen can switch between the three functions of red ink, black ink, and a mechanical pencil. One of these practical, high-quality writing instruments is all you need to respond beautifully to various writing occasions.

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