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Tape Dispenser

¥10,450(WITH TAX)

Manufactured by OAK VILLAGE



This tape dispenser was 10 years in the making since the start up of Craft Design Technology CO.,LTD. in 2005. This exquisitely fine-crafted piece exhibits various contrasting elements—there are flowing transitions from curves to edges, the pure wood of the body elicits warmth, and the metal pulley has a sharp feel to it. The body material is made from Japan-sourced beech wood. Beech grows in old-growth forests, and is a fine material that combines strength with flexibility; it is extremely rare and its market volume is in a steep decline. The manufacturer worked with wood craftsman OAK VILLAGE Co.,Ltd. (Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture), who carefully selects and procures the best quality material from trees harvested to maintain woodlands, thus working for effective woodland resource use. Purchases of this beech-wood tape dispenser will benefit the revitalization of woodland ecology. The revolutionary fine-toothed cutter produced by Nichiban Co., Ltd. not only cuts the tape in a straight line, but requires much less force to do so. This is a fusion of the highly-precise and eco-friendly design of OAK VILLAGE Co.,Ltd. and the technological prowess of Nichiban Co., Ltd. This fine product is the embodiment of the holy trinity of manufacturing—design, artistic skill and technological innovation— wrought over 10 years by Craft Design Technology.

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