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Jabara Letter Set

¥1,100(WITH TAX)

Manufactured by Haibara & Lion




This letter set features lined Jabara (accordion) style writing paper perforated along each fold to create a characteristic writing pad that can be cut to any length. The manufacturer, Haibara, was established in 1806 and has been in business for more than 200 years in Nihombashi, Tokyo. The historic Haibara store was one of the first stores in the Meiji period to export Japanese paper and import Western paper. Haibara continues to offer a variety of products to furnish your life with high quality paper. The refined color tone of the cover used to store and carry the product is achieved by adding color during the paper production stage, which creates an exquisite thick paper with a tone that cannot be achieved using common printing methods. Although the design appears to be simple, this superior product can be tightly bound and folded up like origami to create an envelope-like pocket. This unique product can be cut wherever the writing ends, which it makes it practical for short notes that capture an idea in a few words, or for long letters.The beautifully formed yet subdued color/pattern of this letter set appears to be basic, yet a new and elegant atmosphere is captured in this “modern writing pad.”

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