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A6 Notepad

¥715(WITH TAX)


A6 (105×148×7mm)


The acts of writing, touching, and admiring resonate together, giving birth to a notebook full of functional beauty.
Our CDT notebooks have been refurbished with a new look and a new appeal. The intersection of the novel and the familiar in the design works in tandem with environmentally friendly colors to alleviate the symptoms of visual hypersensitivity. Our commitment to the art of “writing” radiates like a masterpiece that users will love. Featuring brilliant hues that add color to your everyday life, these notebooks are beautifully colored and printed in a mint green 3mm grid. “Mint Green,” a signature CDT color, is used for the ruled lines, and rather than hindering inspiration, our notebook’s delicate design enhances mobility to facilitate the recording of your thoughts. In addition, each page is printed on the reverse side, so you can use it even after it is detached. These notebooks are produced in a plant boasting 60 years of history offering hand-finished Japanese-brand A5 and A6 size products bound with thick paper for stable writing even under unstable conditions. The header section is finely perforated, making separation smooth and simple. Resplendent in functional beauty, these notebooks will become a new companion to accompany you throughout your daily life.

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