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Memo Roll

¥550(WITH TAX)




Our famous sticky memo roll in a plastic case are now available in a fresh look. The beautiful roll shape is now made of paper while retaining its harmonious curves and straight lines.
The coupling of sustainable materials with sophisticated design achieves both environmental conservation and aesthetics.
Four-color, single-use type

Beautiful range of tones using traditional Japanese colors.
The box is available in four of our brand colors: Dark Green, Pale Green, Dark Brown and Grey, which can be used individually or as an assortment. The contrasting colors of the outer box and the paper roll inside are also appealing. The paper rolls can be used in a wide range of settings, from the workplace to the home.

Assorted Paper Rolls for a Variety of Uses
The paper rolls come in an abundant variety of colors and types, from light green, which is said to be gentle on the eyes, and white, which has the soft texture of recycled paper, to a stunning cherry color and translucent paper that allows the base to show through. The rolled sticky notes with glue on the entire surface of one side can be cut to the length necessary each time you need it, and can be applied and removed repeatedly. Versatile and convenient for everyday use at work and at home, this stationery can be used not only for notetaking, but also as a substitute for display labels, indexing, writing addresses, temporary fastening, and more.

Environmentally friendly specifications
For the blades, we use a material that is attracting attention as an alternative to plastic offering excellent durability and environmental protection. Turning the adhesive side of the paper roll inward and cutting downward minimizes adhesive residue on the blade.
A space with our design code sloping down in the center holds the roll paper in place, allowing you to see the remaining amount at a glance.
Its stylish rectangular box design is lightweight and small enough to carry.

Precautions for use
・Please handle with care to avoid injury from the blade.
・Note that affixing to special paper, such as thermal paper or no-carbon paper, may result in erasure of text or adhesive residue.
・This product may not adhere to rough, dusty, or damp surfaces.
・Shadows may appear with some models of copy machines. Please test before use.
・Depending on the object and conditions of use, you may encounter glue residue or color migration. Avoid affixing to important items or items that you would prefer not to have glue residue or color migration.

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