Design Code

We at Craft Design Technology have created the following design code to communicate our brand concept.


Traditional Japanese colors have been carefully selected for each of our items. For daily use items such as pencils, byakuroku or very light green, is used for its soft touch and tireless quality, reminiscent of a bud in springtime.


Craft Design TechnologyThe inspiration for our original graphic pattern comes from the sturdy braided rope stitches from the Edo Period called sanada-himo*. This rope was used in ancient times to hold swords and kimono sash fasteners in place. In modern day, this traditional Japanese craft is used to tie and carry wooden boxes holding tea ceremony equipment.

*Craft Design Technology Original Pattern The Sanada-Himo Motif


Angles are a key element in our product design. Each item is inspired by the “golden ratio” found in natural objects, or the “silver ratio” of beautifully designed artifacts. The angles of the CDT scissor handles allow use with either hand, while also incorporating the CDT logo as its motif.

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